"The works must be conceived with fire in the soul, but executed with clinical coolness." - Joan Miro

There has been a shift, a veering, a deviation, a tack ... a yaw in my attitude & approach to my mixed media creations. Same supplies; incorporating unexpected found materials & the very best I can afford of conventional art supplies. Same subject matter. Same glee in finding ephemera or old books for collage materials. Same rush when buying way more than I need in terms of art making products. Same apprehension & procrastination when starting a new work of art. Same anxiety when an exhibition goes up. Same lie I tell myself that it doesn’t matter if no one likes or buys my work.

So, what then is this change I speak of? The changes came about without intention. I realized I was taking more time to design a painting. Design. Does that sound too calculated, cautious, purposeful, too wary, too premeditated? I came down with a case of ‘desideratum’ ... something lacked and wanted. I start with a course of action in terms of composition, palette, & a ‘vibe’ I convey within a concept. There are thought and action towards variation within a series, so as to avoid monotony for myself and the viewer.

Perhaps my works do not appear to be greatly different, but I feel different creating them. That self-awareness and clarity transfers into every stroke, every hunk of paper glued, every scribble, every mark, every decision.